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Requirements to join:
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Respect

Age: 37
Role: Support 5
Location: New York, United States

Team CODE History:
Team CODE started back in 1998 with StarCraft and Counter-Strike. We then moved on to Asheron's Call and then World Of WarCraft.

CODEVega, CODERedDawg, CODEMyst, CODELine, CODEGravity and CODEClepto
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DOTA2 Basics:


  • 1 is hard carry
  • 2 Midlane
  • 3 Offlane
  • 4 semi support\roamer\jungler
  • 5 selfless support
More explanation: YouTube Video of 1-5 Roles by Merlini

Special Info for DOTA2:

Hero Difficulty Guide

Hero Metrics

Counter Hero Time!

How to raise your MMR video - Info and Laughs!

Join CODE's DOTA team, currently looking for people to fill the 2 and 3 role positions. Here's a link for the full list of requirements.

Let the idiots die (in-game)!
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